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My Story

I understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with the journey you're embarking on, as I've been in your shoes before. I vividly remember the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin when contemplating a move to a new country. The process of relocating and adapting to a new environment can seem like a complicated puzzle.

My own journey began at the age of 18 when I left England to play in the United States. Prior to that, I had a solid background in women's football, having played in the WSL 2 and represented clubs like Charlton, Crystal Palace, and Watford. I also had the unique experience of playing county football for Essex and being the first player to be part of two County Development Centers, Kent and Essex PDC.

In the United States, I continued my soccer journey, playing for two years at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, before transferring to Minot State in North Dakota. Along the way, I balanced my passion for soccer with my commitment to education, graduating from high school with 12 GCSEs and 3 A-levels. This educational journey culminated in the acquisition of a Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Fitness and Business with a focus on Coaching. I'm also a certified Personal Trainer, driven by the ambition to not only continue playing football worldwide but also to assist others in pursuing their own challenges in American Soccer.

My experience as a student-athlete allows me to offer valuable insights into the workings of the American educational system, as well as the fitness and skill requirements essential for success in the U.S. soccer scene. I'm eager to share my knowledge and experiences with those who aspire to follow a similar path. As a recruiter, my primary goal is to simplify your journey. I understand that the process can be complex and daunting, but I'm here to ensure you don't have to struggle to gather information, just as I did in the past. Your journey matters to me, and I'm committed to helping you make the right decisions.

I've encountered coaches who make empty promises and those who offer genuine opportunities, so I can distinguish between the two. I won't steer you in the wrong direction; my purpose is to guide you through the entire process, from your four years at the university to setting you up after graduation. We're in this together, and I aim to establish a lasting friendship. My approach goes beyond being just another "agency." I want to know you as both a player and a person.

I want to emphasize that I'm not like other agencies. I'm not solely focused on paperwork and documentation; I'm dedicated to your development as an athlete. We will work together on your fitness, providing tailored programs, nutritional advice, and recovery strategies. I'll also be present at your games, assessing your performance and identifying areas where you can improve. We'll collaborate to help you reach your full potential.

Furthermore, I am also a Football Agent in the UK with a vision to secure opportunities for my players when they return home to continue their football careers.

My journey, which began in the UK and involved unwavering dedication to the game both on and off the field, has led me to the position I'm in today. It's been a path filled with surprises, one that turned what seemed like an unattainable dream into a reality. I'm here to make your dreams come true just as mine did for me.

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