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Frequently asked questions...

what determines how much scholarship i will get?

Your scholarship will depend on your current ability (obviously the better you are the better chance you have of getting a better scholarship), but also your academic strength, position and simply how much money a coach has to spend on you all contribute to how much scholarship you will receive. It is our job to ensure we find you a scholarship which best fits your current situation.

Please note, we do not offer scholarships. This is the decision of the universities we connect you with.

What qualifications do i need? 

  • All students: Take the SAT or ACT test.

  • Put together a highlight video which demonstrates your sporting ability.

  • England, Wales, N. Ireland: Pass a minimum of five GCSE’s, including English, Maths, Science and either History/Geography. Then complete and pass at least 2 A-levels or a BTEC Level 3 Diploma (Extended Diploma preferred).

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what age do i need to be?

Many student-athletes from the UK head to College in the US at the age of 18 (immediately after completing A-Levels or BTEC Level 3 Diploma in August). Another option is to take a gap year and go the following year. After this point, it then becomes significantly harder for a student-athlete to obtain a sports scholarship at a 4-year university in the USA.

when should i start the recruitment process?

Most US College coaches recruit players 1-2 years prior to them joining the squad. Once their athletic scholarship budget has been spent, they can no longer make offers to other players. So, more scholarship funding is still available when you begin the process early!

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What is the SAT/ ACT?

The SAT is an American college entrance exam. It is divided into two parts, English and Mathematics. The ACT is the same but with a Science section added to the test.

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