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Image by Jeffrey F Lin

We are former College Players and have been through the process before. We know firsthand the demands expected and what it takes to become a Student Athlete.  

As a Company, we are always one step ahead. ​ We know how confusing the process is and the tasks that need to be completed are extremely foreign. We are here to help walk you through each step making this journey as easy as possible. Additionally, we work with our players to develop an exceptional show-reel to send to our network of coaches in the US. If coaches like what they see and want to offer scholarships they will then be in contact with you. 

​​ Our connections are vast and forever growing. 

Additionally, we help with the strength and Conditioning side of things. We provide our athletes with fitness plans and first-hand knowledge to help get them to the fitness and technical level  expected when they arrive. This then puts them on good footing for pre-season. 

Academically, the US system is very different from the UK. We will help you understand the class system, credits, undergraduate degree programs, and transfer information. 

​The college experience doesn't stop there... We will be here throughout the whole process of 4-6 years. With connections to place you in summer coaching, and soccer teams or advise you on places to visit that we have been to.  You won't just experience a University - soccer life, you'll develop friendships from all over the world, understand who you want to become, and see the wonders of America. 

​Leading Head Recruiter- Kirstie Jackson, is a certified Personal Trainer L2 & 3, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist, Soccer Coach, and Football Agent. Her experience of playing at a high level in the UK as well as in the US has given her the knowledge and motivation to train her clients to be at the best standard possible. She proposes "it's not just about being the best on the training pitch or field. It's about being a student, a team mate and gaining the mental strength to cope with the high demands."


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